Muslim Fashion
Exhibition and publication
Assisting editor of MSLM publication.
Production of MSLM exhibition.
A group of young fashion-minded women, mostly 2nd generation, Muslim, clearly stands out on the dutch society. MSLM shows the fashion of this group. Because these young women grew up in the Netherlands, because they ARE dutch, their background creates a fashion-clash which results in new interesting forms and silhouettes for both Muslim and non-Muslim women. From traditional to trendy, from the Mid-East to the West, the project MSLM is both an exhibition and a fashion magazine.

MSLM is a project hold by MAMA showroom, in Rotterdam. Natasa Heydra (with whom I had the pleasure to work with) was the curator. I’ve worked as manager editor of the MSLM magazine. A great exerience! It made me learn A LOT!